Driving Teamwork

At Synergy, we believe that success for ourselves and our clients is built from the inside out. Everything starts with our people. Led by a true entrepreneur, we have grown one talent at a time into a leading team of diverse backgrounds, perspectives and accomplishments. That doesn’t happen by chance: It’s the result of an unwavering commitment to the values that guide how we work together, and how we achieve for customers.


Become Part of a Dynamic Team


We believe in hard work, and having fun while we’re doing it. We believe that we go further when we work together, collaborating with each other and our clients. We see challenges not as obstacles but as opportunities to find new ways of getting the job done.

As a uniquely situated company of multiple divisions under one roof, our people work with colleagues across disciplines, sharing ideas and stimulating fresh thinking. In an environment where there are no limitations to success, we promote based on performance and encourage everyone to stretch.

We are proud of our work, of the network of relationships we’ve formed, and of the greater Boston area that we call home. Regardless of the prevailing environment, we always look for possibilities and find ways to make them real together.

*To learn more about the recent updates regarding healthcare coverage and the Transparency in Coverage legislation, please see the post in our News section.*

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